NBBC By-Laws


New Brighton Boat Club By-Laws, Rules and Regulations

Revised August 2018

Article I Purpose and Name

Section 1: The purpose of the New Brighton Boat Club of New Brighton , Pennsylvania, is to serve the interests of boat owners, to defend such owners against discriminatory legislation and burdensome taxation, to prevent the pollution of neighboring waters, to stimulate a greater interest in boating among all citizens in the area served by the club, to develop a fraternal exchange of boating information, to own or lease property for the club uses, to develop more adequate boat storage and dock facilities and to do all other things which will tend to serve present owners of boating equipment and to further interest in boating generally.

Section 2: The name of this club shall be the New Brighton Boat Club of New Brighton, Pennsylvania.

Each boating or non-boating member of the organization has the following inherent rights, subject to specific restrictions contained in the constitution, by-laws, or standing rules.
1. To receive notices
2. To attend meetings
3. To present motions, resolutions, or other business
4. To discuss
5. To vote
6. To nominate
7. To be a candidate for office
8. To inspect official records of the organization
9. To insist on the enforcement of the rules of the organization and the rules of parliamentary law.
10. To resign, if all obligations to the organization have been fulfilled.
11. To have a hearing before expulsion or other penalties are applied.
12. To exercise any other rights given by the constitution, by-laws, or rules of the organization.
(Robert’s Rules of Order)

Article II Membership

Section 1: Membership in the New Brighton Boat Club shall be open to all individuals, 21 years of age and older within the community and surrounding areas, who are interested in boating, in the out-of-doors, in fishing or in hunting. A membership shall consist of the member, his/her partner, and children under the age of 21 at home or a full time student. There shall be one vote per membership cast by the member or the member’s partner. All members must abide by all club rules including cleaning up after themselves.

Section 2: Application for membership in the club shall be made in the manner prescribed by the membership committee. The membership application, in its approved form, shall contain an agreement to abide by the by-laws of the club. An application for membership shall first be referred to the membership committee for consideration. If they approve, such application shall then be submitted to the membership at the next regular meeting and shall be voted upon. A favorable vote of the majority of those members present shall be done by secret ballot. If the application is approved, the applicant shall then become a probationary member of the cub for a period of one year upon payment of required fees. The probationary member shall be entitled to full privileges of the club and its facilities with the exceptions of the right to vote, to nominate, or to be a candidate for office. After the probationary period, at the next regular meeting, the probationary member shall be voted on for full membership. All fees paid during the probationary period are not refundable.

2A: The prospective member is to be present to the club and is to be accompanied by one of his or her sponsor with the reading of his or her application. Members shall only be able to sponsor one (1) prospective probationary member per boat club year.

2B: Membership Categories
a) Member in Good standing Working: One who has chosen to work the required hours for the season as set forth by the club and has paid all dues, fees, and penalties by April first of each calendar year.

b) Charter: A designated earned by virtue of the following: 1) Being a member in good standing since 1965 and 2) a favorable majority vote of the membership. This category is exempt from paying annual dues, however all other fees must be paid.

c) Honorary Lifetime: A designation earned by nomination and favorable majority vote of the membership. This category is exempt from paying annual dues; however, all other fees must be paid.

d) Special: A designation granted by the Board of Directors to a member in good standing, who, because of personal hardship cannot comply with Article II Section 5. The member must present a written request to be considered for this category and is not exempt from paying annual dues or fees.

e) Probationary: A designation applied during the first year of membership. It entitles the member to full club privileges with the exception of the right to vote, nominate or be a candidate for office.

f) Member in Good Standing Non-Working: One who has chosen not to work the required hours for the season as set forth by the club and has paid all dues, fees and penalties by April first of each calendar year.
     1 A minimum of 15 Working members must be maintained before any Non-Working memberships are chosen
     2 The number of Non-Working Members can never exceed the ratio of 1:2 of Working Members (e.g. 2 Working Members for each Non-Working Member)
     3 Non-Working status will be granted on a first come, first served basis.
     4 If membership limits prohibit granting Non-Working Member status, Working Members may place their names on a Non-Working wait list for future openings.
     5 Non-Working Members will pay a dockage fee at a rate that is set at the beginning of the season by the Board Members.
     6 A maximum of two (2) Non-Working Members may serve on the Board provided there are three (3) Working Members serving on the Board (A ratio of 3:2)
     7 With regards to Section 2, 2B subsection f2 The beginning of year Working membership count is based on the Working membership count at the end of the prior year.

Additional considerations are: A) Probationary members must be sponsored by a member in good standing, B) all dues and fees paid during this period are not refundable and C) a vote for membership in good standing will not be held at the end of the probationary period if the member has not met the provisions of the membership application, D) Probationary members shall not be able to sponsor a prospective probationary member.

Section 3: A member may resign from the club at any time upon notice in writing addressed to the Secretary.

Section 4: A membership in the club may be terminated for non-payment of fees and/or penalties, after a member has received a notice of 30 days by action of the Board of Directors. Termination of the membership of any member shall not release the said member from the obligation to pay all fees and/or penalties owing to the end of the period of membership. All fees and/or penalties should be paid for prior to March 1. A member shall have a hearing before expulsion or other penalties are applied. Membership may be terminated for any reason whatever by a three-quarter vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting.

Section 5: Each member, as identified in Article II section 5A, is require to work 20 hours minimum or pay a penalty of $50.00 per hour as may change by the Board of Directors. The minimum hours can be changed at anytime by the Board of Directors according to the needs of the club. Members will be responsible for keeping their own record of time worked in the ledger provided for that purpose. Year-end penalties will be determined and assessed from this ledger. 5A) Those who must comply with Article II, Section 5 are:
A) Members in good standing who have been assigned dock space, regardless of whether this space is used or not.
B) Non-Docking members in good standing who have not been assigned dock space.
C) Charter of Honorary Lifetime Members who have been assigned dock space, regardless whether this space is used or not.
D) Probationary Members
5B) The following members need not comply with Article II, Section 5 are:
A) Non-Docking Charter or Honorary Lifetime Members who have not been assigned dock space.
B) Special members: A member who is granted this type of membership by the Board of Directors.

Section 6: Total membership shall be limited to all dues and/or fees paying members and shall be governed by the availability of slip space as determined by the Dock Master.

Section 7: Members shall attend at least two (2) meetings per year.

Section 8: In the event of death, the membership may be retained by the surviving partner. Any other circumstances will be referred to the Board of Directors.

Section 9: In the event of circumstances that would affect the member’s ability to comply with these by-laws, the Board of Directors shall be informed verbally and/or in writing.

Article III Management of Club

Section 1: The management of the club shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors including the interpretation of these by-laws.

Section 2: Any grievance shall be referred to the grievance committee, consisting of the Chairman and two (2) other members appointed by the Commodore.

Section 3: The board of Directors shall consist of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman of the Membership committee, immediate past-Commodore, Immediate Past-Secretary, and Immediate Past- Treasurer.

Section 4: All members of the Board of Directors shall hold office until their successors are duly elected and qualified. All papers ad records the possession of each director shall be turned over to their successor. Members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 5: The Board of Directors may employ whatever personnel they deem necessary and for which funds are available to aid in management of the club with club approval.

Section 6: Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at a time and place designated by the Commodore.

Section 7: Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the Commodore. Notice of which shall be given in sufficient time to permit members to be present, taking into consideration of availability of transportation and other contributing factors.

Article IV Officers

Section 1: The elective officers of the club shall be: Commodore, Vice- Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman of the membership committee.

Section 2: The election of officers shall be as follows:
1. The commodore at the September meeting shall appoint a nominating Committee consisting of five (5) members.
2. The nominating committee shall nominate and submit one (1) candidate for each office at the October meeting, at which time the members shall have an opportunity to nominate a candidate for each office. The officers shall then be elected by the members at the meeting in November and shall hold the term for on fiscal year or until their successors shall have been elected and qualified. No offices shall succeed himself more than one (1) term.

Section 3: The commodore shall preside at all meetings of the club and its Board of directors. The Commodore appoints all committees with the exception of the Membership Committee. He shall be member ex-officio of all committees and shall carry on those other responsibilities assigned to him by these by-laws and by the Board of Directors.

Section 4: During the absence or temporary incapacity of the Commodore, the Vice- Commodore shall perform the duties and have the powers of the Commodore.

Section 5: The Secretary shall keep all records of the club. The Treasurer shall keep all funds in a bank approved by the Board of Directors and in the name of the Club, subject to withdrawal by check signed by two (2) authorized Directors as approved by the Board of Directors. He shall disperse the funds of the blub under the direction of the club. An annual audit shall be prepared and submitted to the membership.

Section 6: The Chairman of the Membership committee shall appoint four (4) members to serve with him as a Membership committee and shall pass on all membership applications.

Section 7: Vacancies in any elective office may be filled by members at any meeting of the club at which a quorum is present. The successor so chosen shall serve the unexpired term of his predecessor.

Section 8: Appointed Committees:
a) Docks- The dockmaster is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all docks, to install and remove slips with the help of slip users and to asure all slips are maintained in a safe manner. Additionally, he has the authority and responsibility to assign slips in the clubs best interest based upon seniority (length of club membership) and availability of space.
b) Grounds- The Grounds Chairman is responsible for the maintenance of the grounds, roads, fences, shrubbery and the equipment necessary for this activity. Additionally, he will ensure that garbage is picked up by the refuse company in a timely manner.
c) Club Steward- The club steward is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all buildings, the furnishings for them and supplies required.
d) Concessions- The Chairman is responsible for purchasing and stocking beverages and snacks which are bought at by the club members and their guests.
e) Grievance Committee- The Grievance Committee Chairman and two (2) other appointees will handle all grievances of any club member and resolve the, or in the event they cannot be resolved, submit the grievance to the Board of Directors for Board Action. The Chairman shall be the Parliamentarian to ensure that all meetings are conducted by Roberts Rule of Order. Additionally, he shall be capable of interpreting all NBBC by-laws, rules and regulations.
f) Communications Committee- The Chairman is responsible for notification of all members of all club meetings, activities, work projects and all special functions.
g) Sunshine Committee- The chairman has the responsibility to send flowers for the death of a club member and/or for a member of his or her immediate family. Upon hospitalization of a club member, a get-well card will be sent.
h) Program Committee- The Chairman of the Program Committee shall be responsible for the entertainment and educational programs of the club. He may appoint members of the club to aid him in carrying out his assignment.
i) Ways and Means- The Chairman is responsible for conducting activities to raise funds on an AS NEEDED BASIS, including the disposition and handling of all recyclables collected by club members.

Article V Fiscal Year

Section 1: The fiscal year of the club shall commence on the first day of January and end on the thirty-first day of December.

Article VI Budget

Section 1: The Board of Directors shall submit to the members a proposed budget of expenditures covering the total anticipated expenditures for the fiscal year. This budget shall be considered and approved with or without revisions. It my be reviewed and is subject to revision at any regular meeting of the members thereafter. The officers and/or the Board of Director and/or any paid employee of the club shall not obligate the club in excess of the approved budget or otherwise that according to the approved budget.


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